History of the John George, Jr. Student Loan Fund

John George, Jr. was a man who knew the value of hard work. His father came to America from Wales to work in the coal mines around Jackson, Michigan. John George, Jr. joined his father at a young age and later worked in a brickyard, digging clay and "pitching" bricks.

The youthful experiences hardened John, Jr., for the harsh shocks of a competitive world. His will power drove him to see and take advantage of opportunities all about him. He carefully chose his place in the world at the age of 17 when he went to work for the Jackson Daily Citizen in 1875.

In the course of a surprisingly short time he had sky-rocketed from an apprentice to advertising manager. He went on from there to become a partner in the Jackson Daily Citizen and later owner of the Jackson Morning Patriot. He traveled around the United States and found that Jackson was the place that he preferred most. Jackson was his home.

John, Jr. returned to Jackson and later become editor and manager of the Citizen Press, and in that capacity he displayed more vividly than in any of his earlier opportunities those attributes which made for his great success.

As a newspaper editor, John George, Jr., was a robust figure in the community. He fought for the news and for the advertising of the community with an  energy which appalled his competitors. In 1918 the Citizen Press bought the Patriot, becoming the Citizen Patriot. Not long after, Mr. George, then past sixty, retired from active direction of the paper, but continued to be a striking figure in the Jackson community.

Since he was forced by reasons of family economics to work in the mines when very young, he never went far in formal schooling. He continued with informal education all of his life and had the utmost respect for higher education. He also believed that "the Lord helps those who help themselves" and encouraged responsibility.

John George, Jr., was convinced of the value of education - a conviction he held firmly in his mind. When he prepared his last will and testament, the great bulk of his large estate was dedicated to the encouragement of higher education among the youth of his home community, and the John George Student Loan Fund was established.

Thus, the descendant of a humble Welsh coal miner is today making possible for future generations the educational and cultural advantages which he was denied.

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