John George, Jr. Student Loan Fund

Since 1940, the John George, Jr. Student Loan Fund has been helping Jackson area students to continue their education.  Students eligible for this low-interest student loan may borrow up to $6,000 per year at a 2% interest rate for up to a total of $24,000 to attend Michigan state-supported colleges and universities.

The loan was established by its namesake, John George, Jr. who had a desire to aid in the development of "worthy men and women" of Jackson.  A prominent Jackson businessman, John George, Jr. believed that no one should be denied the education and cultural advantages of a higher education.  He established the student loan fund to encourage the youth of his home community - Jackson- to continue their education.

To qualify for the John George, Jr. Student Loan Fund, applicants must be a Jackson County resident or graduate of a Jackson County High School (including Jackson County, Michigan homeschooled) and plan to attend a Michigan state-supported college or university. (Attendees of trade schools and job retraining are not eligible). One of the applicant's parents must reside in Jackson County, Michigan during the years of borrowing from the program. They must have maintained a high school grade point average of 2.25 or better, which they will be required to maintain in college.  Loan is available for graduate studies also.

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